This town’s name is a portmanteau of Mañío, the name of a tree that grows abundantly in this area, and Bahuales, a term for wild animals. It was established by settlers who opened a trail through the valley in 1935 and began living in the area alongside their animals.

Mañihuales was incorporated in 1962. Today, it lies in a strategic location, surrounded by Nature Reserves, beautiful landscapes, and rivers perfect for fly fishing.

Lodging, Food, and Activities

Lodging in Mañihuales includes cabins, guest houses, hotels, and campsites. For more information, check:







Climate and Rainfall

Cold Steppe and Trans-Andean Continental Climate, 65 inches annually

Nearest National Park(s)

Queulat National Park

Don’t Miss

  • Fish for sport on the Mañihuales River and other nearby bodies of water.
  • Visit Lavanderas Natural park.
  • Explore the Lago Las Torres National Reserve.
  • Explore the Río Simpson National Reserve, located 20 miles northeast of Coyhaique.
  • Visit the Trapananda National Reserve.
  • Spot Condors near the El Picacho and El Colmillo mountains.
  • Visit La Esponja Lagoon, a great place for rowing, boating, and taking photographs.
  • Take the geological hike towards «Puente Piedra».
  • Kayak in Mañihuales river.
  • Take the rural tour.

How to get

Mañihuales is located 37 miles from Puerto Aysén. Take Route 240 and at mile 12 (kilometer 20), take Route X-50 toward Mañihuales. Merge onto Route 7.

From Coyhaique, take the same roads (Route 240 or Route X-50) or take the Carretera Austral 46 miles north.

Mañihuales is located near the border crossings Coyhaique Alto and Huemules Pass.

Various bus routes are available daily between Mañihuales and Puerto Aysén and Mañihuales and Coyhaique. For more information, contact Transporte Mañihuales (+56 992394659), Transporte Aida del Carmen Aranda Huichalao (+56 99703782), or Servicios de Transportes Jota Eme (+56966781113 /

Puerto Chacabuco is the main port of the Aysén Region and is located 45 miles from Mañihuales.

The Balmaceda Airport is located 89 miles from Mañihuales. The road to the airport is paved.


  • Mañihuales is a small town, but it does have a gas station, a police station, a rural health center, supermarkets, restaurants, shops with Internet and phones available, and various options for lodging.
  • There are tourist agencies in the town that offer kayaking, trekking, and fishing excursions.
  • Car rentals are available; one option is R Y D Rentacar ( / +56995359167).
  • The Municipal Library, located in Eusebio Ibar (no street number, but it’s next to the municipal offices), has computers available for public use.
  • You’ll need a fishing license if you plan on doing any fishing. Find more information at:
  • For more information about Lago Carlota National Reserve, go to:
  • For more information about Lago Las Torres National Reserve, go to:
  • For more information about Trapananda Reserve, go to:
  • Visit Ñirehuao and Moon valleys.
  • The tour company «Cerro Colmillo Expediciones» arranges excursions towards Puente Piedra.

Basic Services

  • Gas Station
  • ATM
  • Rural Health Services
  • Auto Repair Shop
  • Cell Service
  • Police Station
  • Visitor´s Center

Visitor’s Center

Lavanderas Natural Park and mobile office are open from December to April.

Important Dates

Mañihuales celebrates its anniversary during the first two weeks of November.

In September, during the Chilean national holiday, the community holds a traditional celebration, along with a parade featuring different local institutions and organizations, games, a Cowboy Festival, and a cueca championship (a traditional Chilean dance).

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