20 julio, 2020

Arcadia supports Tompkins Conservation in the protection of endangered huemul deer in Patagonia

13 julio, 2020

Economic Benefits of Protecting 30% of Planet’s Land and Ocean

First-of-its-kind report shows the global economy is better off with more nature protected

04 junio, 2020

A TED Talk by Kristine Tompkins

As part of TED 2020 Uncharted, the President of Tompkins Conservation, Kristine Tompkins, presents a call to reimagine the future of our planet.

07 mayo, 2020

Route of Parks in Australian’s Magazine ‘International Traveller’

"Journey through Patagonia's most spectacular remote places"

04 mayo, 2020

‘Naturtalent’: Route of Parks in ‘Abentehuer Und Reisen’

25 septiembre, 2019

Route of Parks European Launch

29 mayo, 2019

Rare Andean Deer Found in Chile’s Northern Patagonia

Thanks to an alliance between the non-profit Puelo Patagonia, Tompkins Conservation and the National Geographic Society, researchers have made the first scientific discovery of endangered huemuls (south Andean deer) in the Puelo Valley, a remote area of Chile’s Lakes District.

13 mayo, 2019

Game-changing Agreement for National Parks and Community Development in Chilean Patagonia

11 febrero, 2019

Kristine Tompkins celebrates the implementation of Network of National Parks with Minister of National Assets

Parque Nacional Patagonia

06 febrero, 2019

«Patagonia: Born to Rewild»

Source: Vanity Fair

For two adventurers, the wilds of Chilean Patagonia were a lifelong love affair. Now, their legacy has resulted in one of the greatest conservation donations of all time.

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