A mountain town with a strong cultural identity, Lago Verde is known for its troperos (a person who works by driving cattle, mainly cattle through the fields), yerba mate, and country lifestyle. Today, you can still find the trails marked by the Tehuelche people and traveled by explorers, cowboys, and adventurers journeying north to Palena or south to Villa La Tapera.

The area’s different landscapes––made up of forests, the magnificent Lake Verde, Patagonian steppe, and rivers flowing down from nearby mountain ranges including the Sierra make this a unique destination with a truly rich rural tradition.

Lodging, Food, and Activities

The town’s lodging options include guest houses, rental homes, and cabins. Find out more at the official website:


Lago Verde





Climate and Rainfall

Cold Steppe, 20 inches annually

Nearest National Park(s)

Queulat National Park

Don’t Miss

  • Hike or ride on horseback along the Andes Patagónicos patrimonial route from Lago Verde to Palena. The route is 34 miles long and ends at the Lake Palena National Reserve. We recommend doing this hike between October and April, given the potential for heavy snowfall in the winter. It takes around 6 days. Visit here for more information: http://rutas.bienes.cl/?p=1144
  • Travel the 43-mile «Ruta Tropera»––marked over the years by travelers, cowboys, and settlers––that connects Lago Verde and Villa La Tapera. The route takes between 3 and 5 days and can be done on horseback or hiking.
  • Enjoy the gorgeous sunsets on the shore of Lake Verde and fish in its turquoise waters, which flow into the Figueroa River and finally reach Lake Rosselot.
  • Explore Lago Verde’s plaza and visit Los Pioneros monument.
  • Buy local handicrafts.
  • Kayaking and boating on Lago Verde.
  • See the Tehuelche cave paintings, also a popular spot for locals to visit.
  • Enjoy the Lago Verde Week, a celebration put on in February.
  • During summer, drive the Ruta Tropera in 4×4 vehicle (70 kms long).
  • Visit the Lake Rosselot National Reserve.

How to get

From Coyhaique, drive 172 miles north until you reach La Junta, where you’ll take Route X-10 for 46 miles until you arrive at Lago Verde.

From Chaitén, drive 94 miles south until you reach La Junta, where you’ll take Route X-10 for 46 miles until you arrive at Lago Verde.

From Argentina, you can reach Lago Verde via the Lago Verde–Las Pampas pass.

Buses to Lago Verde are available in the Coyhaique bus terminal. For more information, contact Buses Bronco (phone +56 9 9520907).

Naviera Austral offers ferries that run from Puerto Chacabuco and Quellón to Raúl Marín Balmaceda. From there, you can travel to La Junta, then continue on to Lago Verde. Find out more at http://www.navieraustral.cl/itinerarios-y-tarifas#ruta-cordillera.


  • There is cell service (only Entel company).
  • For more information about border crossings, visit: http://www.pasosfronterizos.gov.cl/.
  • A fishing license is required for fishing, please contact the municipality of Lago Verde to obtain one. Find out more at: http://pescarecreativa.sernapesca.cl/.
  • If you come from Argentina remember that you must wade 3 rivers (there are no bridges).
  • In the municipality and hostels, you can find tourist information and contact information for tour guides and available excursions.
  • If you want to buy bus tickets from Coyhaique to Lago Verde, we recommend visiting the bus terminal at Lautaro 109.
  • For more information about the Lake Carlota National Reserve, visit http://www.conaf.cl/parques/reserva-nacional-lago-carlota/.
  • Free wifi in the main square
  • Free access to computers in the public Library
    Tire repairshop available.
  • Do not forget to load fuel in La Junta, as there is no gas station in Lago

Basic Services

  • “Caja Vecina” (Rural Bank Services)
  • Rural Health Services
  • Cell Service (Entel)
  • Police Station
  • Aerodrome

Visitor’s Center

There is no visitor’s center at this time.

Important Dates

Aniversario de Lago Verde
The 16th December, the town celebrates its anniversary.

Semana Lagoverdina
Locals host the «Lago Verde Week» in February, which includes equestrian demonstrations, sporting events, theater and cultural presentations, concerts, and a traditional food show.

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