In 1870, explorers set out on a hydrographic expedition in the Chacabuco corvette, under the command of Captain Enrique Simpson. The objective was to gather as much information as possible about the area between the Guaitecas Archipelago, the Aysén River, and the Patagonian Channels. In March, the explorers found an ideal bay for docking, which Captain Simpson named Puerto Chacabuco.

Today, Puerto Chacabuco is the main port in the Aysén Region and plays a key role in connecting the Patagonian Channels to the rest of Chile.

Lodging, Food, and Activities

Lodging options include cabins, guest houses, hotels, and campsites, and you can also find restaurants and tourist agencies in town. For more information, visit:







Climate and Rainfall

Warm and mild, up to an average of 101 inches annually

Nearest National Park(s)

Laguna San Rafael National Park

Don’t Miss

  • Boat to Laguna San Rafael National Park on a day trip from Puerto Chacabuco.
  • Boat through the Aysén Fjord to visit the Chilconal Hot Springs, the Five Sisters Natural Monument, the Quitralco Estuary, Playas Blancas, and other attractions.
  • Visit the Aiken del Sur private park, which features 618 acres of preserved land where you can trek and climb, among other activities.
  • Visit the Simpson River National Reserve.
  • Cross the Ibáñez Bridge, which was named a National Monument in 2007.

How to get

Puerto Chacabuco is located 48 miles from Coyhaique along Route 240.

Buses run daily between Coyhaique and Puerto Aysén. Companies offering this route include Buses Ali ( and Buses Suray.

From Puerto Aysén––located just 9 miles from Puerto Chacabuco––minibuses are available, leaving every 20 minutes from the bus station, located in Unimarc supermarket parking.

Puerto Chacabuco is the main port of the Aysén Region and is located just 9 miles from Puerto Aysén. It’s the docking point for ferries from Quellón (, as well as for boats to Puerto Montt ( The latter voyage takes 20–22 hours.

Balmaceda Airport is 83 miles from Puerto Aysén. The road to the airport is paved.


  • The port authority is located at Pedro Montt 85.
  • You can coordinate a trip to San Rafael National Park in Hotel Loberías del Sur. Get more information at: /Fono (+56) 67-2351112 – (+56) 67-2351115 /
  • In high tourist season, Puerto Chacabuco becomes a regional hotspot for handicrafts and artisanal goods, and local artisans from around the region sell their products in the town square.
  • For more information about the ferries to Quellón,
  • For more information about the ferries to Puerto Montt, visit:

Basic Services

  • Gas Station
  • Cell Service
  • ATM

Visitor’s Center

There is no visitor’s center at this time. The closest available visitor’s center is in Puerto Aysén.

Important Dates

Puerto Chacabuco celebrates its anniversary during the second week of December.

In February, the town celebrates its traditional salmon festival, which lasts 2 days.

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