Puerto Gaviota is a small cove used by artisanal fishermen, located on Isla Magdalena, a 3-hour boat ride from Puerto Cisnes. Its story began in the latter part of the 1980s, when the hake boom spurred the arrival of new inhabitants to the area. Today, the various parts of the town are connected by wooden boardwalks, and community members and visitors alike enjoy the gorgeous views of Isla San Andrés and the Moraleda Channel.

Each February, Puerto Gaviota’s Tourism Board organizes a festival called «Rescuing our Fishing Traditions.» The festival lasts 3 days, and attendees can take part in various aspects of hake and conger eel fishing while enjoying the natural beauty of the island, including its rugged landscapes, deep gorges, and scattered coastline.

Lodging, Food, and Activities

En Puerto Gaviota podrás encontrar algunos hospedajes rurales.


Puerto Cisnes





Climate and Rainfall

Rainy and Temperate, 157 inches annually

Nearest National Park(s)

Isla Magdalena National Park

Don’t Miss

  • Go to the Santa Isabel and San Andrés islets to see sea lions and visit the volcanic cave, formed long ago by an eruption.
  • Row or boat along the coasts of Isla Magdalena National Park to spot a wide variety of marine fauna.
  • You can also take a boat to the islets or «bird rocks» where hundreds of rowdy Cormorants make their nests. South American Fur Seals also swim and play nearby, hunting fish.
  • Learn about the area’s artisanal fishing traditions.
  • Attend the «Rescuing Our Fishing Traditions» festival in February.
  • Explore the nearby trails to take in the area’s exuberant native flora.

How to get

The only available access to Puerto Gaviota is by sea. Naviera Austral ferries travel from Puerto Chacabuco (a voyage of 6 hours, approximately), Quellón, or Puerto Cisnes (3.5 hours, approximately).


Basic Services

  • “Caja Vecina” (Rural Bank Services)

Visitor’s Center

There is no visitor’s center at this time.

Important Dates

In February, Puerto Gaviota’s tourism board holds the «Rescuing Our Fishing Traditions» festival, which lasts three days and gives locals and visitors the chance to participate in traditional fishing practices.

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