Patagonian pampa in all its splendor and ancestral territory of the Tehuelche people, Villa La Tapera is located in the Cisnes River Valley. Founded in 1996, the town’s name is inspired by the rustic shelters built by cowboys on their journeys driving cattle. The town was originally part of the Río Cisnes Ranch, which was one of the 3 largest ranches in the area, founded in 1924 after a land grant around twenty years earlier.

Today, Villa La Tapera and its surroundings are a fly fisher’s paradise. The town is near the border, at the Apeleg Pass, and can be found at kilometer 55 (mile 34) along Route X-25. Its ancient trails are full of history and have long been traveled by Tehuelche people, explorers, cowboys, and adventurers.

Lodging, Food, and Activities

There are different options available for lodging in Villa La Tapera. Find out more at:


Lago Verde





Climate and Rainfall

38 inches annually

Nearest National Park(s)

Queulat National Park

Don’t Miss

  • Travel the 43-mile «Ruta Tropera,» marked over the years by travelers, cowboys, and settlers. It connects Lago Verde and Villa La Tapera. The route takes between 3 and 5 days and can be done on horseback or hiking.
  • Fly fish on Lake Cisnes.
  • Visit the «Casona Fundacional» at the Río Cisnes Ranch, declared a National Historical Monument. If you go in December, you can participate in traditional field tasks such as sheep shearing.
  • Explore the Lake Carlota National Reserve, a great place for camping and trekking.
  • Visit the Solías and Lomas Bajas Lakes.
  • Enjoy the route from Villa Amengual to La Tapera and watch the landscape’s gradual transition from forest to steppe. Be sure to stop at the El Diablo lookout point.

How to get

Villa La Tapera is located 109 miles from Coyhaique and 33 miles from Villa Amengual. Continue north, then east along Route X-25.

You can also reach Villa La Tapera from Argentina, via the Río Frías Apeleg Pass, located 31 miles from the town.


  • For more information about local tour operators, consult the municipal office in the plaza of Lago Verde.
  • There is a «Caja Vecina» (rural bank service) in Villa La Tapera, but there are no gas stations, so it’s important to fill your tank before you arrive.
  • We recommend visiting the town police station for updated information about border crossings and to request the necessary documents for visiting Argentina.
  • For additional information about the border, visit and
  • If you’re driving into Argentina, you’ll need to buy the required car insurance before you cross the border.

Basic Services

  • “Caja Vecina” (Rural Bank Services)
  • Rural Health Services
  • Bike Repair Shop
  • Tire Repair Shop
  • Police Station

Visitor’s Center

There is no visitor’s center at this time.

Important Dates

In February, the town holds its local festival, which includes equestrian shows, rodeos, neighborhood grill outs, folklore demonstrations, and traditional cuisine.

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